Knox Fringe January Meet Up Recap

Siren Santina of Salomé Cabaret hosted this meeting at Urban Bar on January 19, 2017. After a round of introductions from all attendees, the discussion began with a review of existing Knox Fringe resources.

Items of Discussion

A Facebook fan page has been created and there is also a closed Facebook group for members to join, lovingly called KFARTS, short for Knoxville Fringe Arts. Attendees were given the option to join the group at sign-in and were encouraged to invite friends to like the fan page and submit events for publicity on the page by emailing or sending a message to the Knox Fringe Facebook page.

The conversation continued with the review of potential objectives from the original attempt to start the group, circa 2015.

  • Community website,

    • logo & branding
    • events calendar
    • performer/producer/venue directory
    • fringe arts blog
    • casting calls
    • It is important to find a platform that, once built, can be maintained by multiple contributors. Informal poll of currently used platforms included WordPress, Weebly, and Strikingly. Also discussed potential addition of coordinated mobile app.
  • Community workshops & classes
    • Auditioning
    • Hosting/Emceeing
    • Improvisation
    • Intro to Video/Making a Reel
    • Merch/Promo Items
    • Photoshop/Flyer Making
    • Social Media
  • Community Salon/Peer Review/Open Stage
    • Multi-disciplinary open stage and feedback session, potentially using one of The Ooh Ooh Revue’s open nights at Modern Studio to facilitate
  • Open Mirror Event
  • Stitch and Bitch
  • Photo Club
    • Inspired by the Atlanta Photographer’s Guild (APG), a potential open photo shoot or crowd-funded photo shoot open to members of the fringe community
  • Fringe arts presence in local media
    • While each of our individual disciplines may not have enough of a following to warrant a devoted section or segment in local papers or news broadcasts, our combined presence is significant enough to garner attention. How can we leverage our existing contacts and press opportunities to create a bigger spotlight on our community as a whole?
    • Shared press contacts list
  • Fringe Arts Fair/Open House
    • Event suggested where fringe arts organizations and performers would set up tables with business cards, swag, etc. for interested parties to peruse at a First Friday-type event. Event could include sample performances and/or classes.
    • Note: We would like to avoid First Friday scheduling, due to the standing Ooh Ooh Revue performance schedule.
  • Community handbills/Street Team
    • Discussed the potential crowd funding of community calendars/flyers. Alternatively, if an individual Producer/Organization wanted to finance a community calendar, the back side could be used to feature that Producer’s/Organization’s event(s).
    • Also discussed combined resources for distribution of marketing materials, both of the community at large and individual productions.

Action/Focus Items

At the end of the meeting, action and focus items were set for next month. By attendee vote, is top priority for 2017. Potential logo/branding concepts will be posted to the Facebook group and made available for inclusion on show flyers and websites.

Our next meet-up will be hosted by Moxie Easton of The Ooh Ooh Revue, scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 7:30 pm at Modern Studio.