Knox Fringe April Meet Up Recap

Boston McCown and Knox Comedy hosted this meeting at Barley’s on April 27, 2017. After a round of introductions from all attendees and the welcoming of newcomers, the discussion began with a list of upcoming comedy shows.


Upcoming Shows & Events
  • Monthly Comedy Shows
    • First Thursday – Pretentious Beer
    • First Friday – Saw Works
    • First Saturday – Sevierville Casual Pint
  • Lip Sync Battle
    • April 29 at Kristtophers
  • The Ooh Ooh Revue
    • May 5 at Modern Studio – starts at 10:30
    • May 6 at Swifty’s in Oak Ridge, hosted by Danny Winston
    • May 13 at 5pm at Cycle Stop
    • May 13, 9pm – Benefit for Lance Adams at The Grove Theatre in Oak Ridge
    • May 18 at Cocoa Moon – Tickled
    • May 19 at Red Piano Lounge – That’s What She Said
  • Salomé Cabaret
    • Geekgasm 3, May 13 at Edge Knox
    • May 12 – Chair Dance class with Drag Show following
    • June 10 – Grease & Grease 2 show – need ladies for Girl of All Seasons
    • June 17 – Taste the Rainbow at Scruffy City Hall as part of PrideFest
  • Gay Men’s Chorus
    • May 20 at the Bijou
  • Clam Slam
    • May 20 at Kristtophers
  • Biscuit Festival
    • May 20 in downtown Knoxville
  • Dirty Dolls
    • May 19 at Edge Knox
  • Knox Fringe at Kentucky Splash
    • Memorial Day May 28
March Follow Up
  • Stitch and Bitch was a success!
    • Modern Studio willing to open the space to Knox Fringe on every 4th Sunday during the craft fair
    • Anne Atomic will gauge interest in a sewing class during next month’s Stitch & Bitch
    • Twila is willing to open her space to a class of less than 10
  • Officer Election Survey
    • Open until May 3
  • Second Bell Festival
  • Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival
  • Appalachian Puppet Parade
    • May 21
    • Contact Cattywampus Puppet Council for info
    • Creature Seekers wants to make big puppet for the parade
  • Knox PrideFest
    • Salomé will be walking if anyone wants to join
    • Flyers will be sent out on May 18
  • Street Team
    • Headed by Pan d’Orable
    • Pop Up Performances, Sandwich board, etc.
New Business
  • Free rehearsal spaces?
    • Jeff at the Edge might be open
    • Emporium – Dance Studio & Community Room – contact Caitlin
    • BAPA is $20 an hour
    • Talk to John Camp about help negotiating spaces
    • Would like people to walk in the parade for Knox Fringe


At the end of the meeting, action and focus items were set for next month.

  • Pan d’Orable is putting together info about sport-based recreation. Flag football, softball, and kickball are available.He will gauge interest in the KFARTS group.
  • Fringe Arts Field Day – there are a few places to rent by many are booked for the next year. Perhaps we could book for next spring? Might be a 2018 activity.
  • Lock-in during the winter in Norris multipurpose space.
  • Officer Elections – voting is active until end of the month. Officers will be announced at May meeting

Our next meet-up is hosted by The Satanic Mechanics, May 16 at Pho 99.

Knox Fringe March Meet Up Recap

Marble City Performance Company hosted this meeting at Barley’s on March 30, 2017. After a round of introductions from all attendees and the welcoming of newcomers, the discussion began with a list of upcoming fringe shows.


Upcoming Shows & Events
  • April Boobs Day
    • Presented by Marble City Performance Company
    • April 1, show at 10pm at Kristtophers
    • Regular tickets: $5, VIP tickets: $10
  • LUXE Weekend
    • April 7 at Cocoa Moon
    • April 8 at Modern Studio
  • Salomé Cabaret with Flame Cynders
    • April 15th at Edge Knox
    • Rhinestoning class – April 15, $20
    • Flame Cynders has supply kits for $15 each
    • Look for upcoming Facebook event for more details
  • Knox Comedy
    • April 6 at Pretentious Beer, featuring Asheville, NC comics
    • First Friday on April 7 at Sawworks, with headliner Scott Eason
  • The Ooh Ooh Revue presents Tickled
    • Casting one boylesquer and one burlesquer
    • Brattie von Beaverhausen is taking over as producer of this show
  • Stitch & Bitch
    • April 23 at Modern Studio
    • Anne Atomic will offer sewing help for a nominal fee
    • This event takes place during Modern Studio’s monthly Craft Fair
  • Tiger Lily Theatre’s Night of Shorts
    • Look for upcoming information on this event
  • Rhythm & Blooms Midnight Burlesque Show
    • At The Pilot Light at midnight
  • Kristtophers Upcoming Events
    • Produced by Matt Killingsworth
    • Featuring burlesque, drag, hyperdrag and more
January & February Follow Up
  • Knox Fringe Showcase was successful
    • Does anyone want to host another one? Maybe for second half of the year?
    • The raffle to benefit Knox Fringe made $110.
  • Knox Fringe Open House was held March 23 at Modern Studio
    • Plans for a future open house? Who would be interested in running? Tabled for a later date.
    • Table Decorating Contest Winners
      • 3rd place: Rose Lady
      • 2nd place: Salomé Cabaret
      • 1st place: Marble City Performance Company
  • Blog
    • Reach out to Keri McClain if you would like to write a post
    • Blog post ideas:
      • Artist interviews & Performer spotlights
      • Show reviews – perhaps we should have an anonymous reviewer?
      • “How to” content with regional spin
    • Blog Meet Up will be next weekend
  • Community Room/Workshop Space/Salon Review
    • Salomé Cabaret is available to give feedback – reach out ahead of time
    • Edge Knox is available at 6:30
  • Sporting Event
    • Pan d’Orable is working on details and will present next month
    • May or June could be a good time for this
  • Press Release
    • Caitlin will email Samantha Brown with the release
  • Video and Photo Opportunities
    • Videographer is available on October 7, time TBD at Modern Studio
    • Jamie would like to photograph 3-4 from each troupe at the top of the Market Square parking garage – reach out to her if interested and she will start a thread in KFARTS group
  • Street Team
    • Headed by Pan d’Orable
    • Crowd-funding for a flyer to show all community events
    • Perhaps a company could back it and take half of the flyer and the other half for the community
Board Member/Officer Election
  • Descriptions of officer roles:
    • President: Public representation, decision maker
    • Vice President: Social media, website, representation
    • Secretary: Note-taking, information disbursment
    • Treasurer: money handling
    • Floating Board Member: revolving roles, annually selected
  • Nominations and Interested Parties:
    • John Camp – President
    • Betty Bupkiss – Vice President
    • Caitlin Corbitt – Floating Member
    • Kali Charisma – Treasurer
    • Ebony Delight – Public Relations
    • Keri McClain – nominated by Siren Santina
    • Brattie von Beaverhausen – Floating Member
    • Violet Frietque – Happy Helper
    • Rhoda Dairyheir – Vice President
    • Skyler Suller – Floating Member, Treasurer
  • Siren Santina will build online survey for voting
  • Election done before next meeting, survey will be open for two weeks
New Business
  • Demona LeFright is offering audio & video help
  • Stella Stems of Marble City Performance Company had a medical emergency and MCPC would like to do a Fringetastic support show for Baby Sagen. Look for upcoming details from MCPC.
    • Passion Pillows will send card
    • Salomé will do raffle for Stella at their show on the 15th
    • Possible raffle at April Boobs Day
  • Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival
    • Applications now open for performers, discounted until April 1 and open until May 15
    • Volunteer and Instructor applications will go live later
  • Second Bell Fest
    • Mushroom Warehouse will hold a Fringe Arts Showcase, open all day
    • Late night Burlesque and Vaudeville show
    • Auditions will be on a Wednesday for duets, solos, group acts, etc. in all disciplines (poetry, burlesque, stand-up, etc). For info, email
  • Appalachian Puppet Pageant
    • May 21 from 2-5pm as part of the Open Streets Project
    • Handmade and large puppets are great, happy to take smaller ensembles but would love larger ones
    • Eric and Sam Brown to make large puppet for Knox Fringe
  • Knox PrideFest 2017
    • June 17 After Pride show with Salomé Cabaret at Scruffy City Hall
    • Would like people to walk in the parade for Knox Fringe
  • Salomé Cabaret Burlesque Academy
    • Born This Way Body Arts will sponsor two students for the full set of classes
    • Follow Born This Way and Salomé Cabaret on Facebook for more info


At the end of the meeting, action and focus items were set for next month.

  • Keri McClain will schedule a meetup for people interested in blogging for the website. Looking for computer resources for the meeting. Suggested places were Pellissippi, Knox Makers, Dunkin Donuts on Chapman Hwy. Siren and Caitlin can bring their laptops.
  • Floyd Gondola and Siren Santina are interested in doing a Burlesque History class. Senior Extended Learning through UTK might be interested next month
  • Board Member/Officer Elections will happen by next meeting.
  • Suggestion to vote to elect a board of directors at the next meeting.

Our next meet-up is hosted by Boston McCown and Knox Comedy, date and venue TBD. May meet-up is hosted by The Satanic Mechanics on May 18.

Knox Fringe February Meet Up Recap

Moxie Easton of The Ooh Ooh Revue and John Camp of Salomé Cabaret hosted this meeting at Modern Studio on February 23, 2017. After a round of introductions from all attendees and the welcoming of newcomers, the discussion began with a review of January’s goals (website, logo, and social media).

  • Development of the site is underway.The site has been created, the domain has been purchased and it should go live in the next few weeks.
  • Currently, the event calendar is being updated manually by Keri McClain. If you would like to submit and event that is missing, send Keri the details through Facebook Messenger or the KFARTS Group. Event submission through the website is in development.
  • Blog content is the next goal for the website. Suggestions for blog posts include spotlight posts, interviews, reviews, etc. Suggestion made for a meetup for people interested in blogging. Keri McClain will schedule that meetup.
  • Suggestion to add an education section of the site.
Suggested Knox Fringe Events & Workshops
  • Stitch & Bitch – a sewing get-together hosted by Anne Atomic and Brattie von Beaverhausen
  • Fringe Academy (Fringestitute) – suggested Ted-talk-esque event about different fringe arts and disciplines
  • Knoxville Sports and Social Club – Pan d’Orable will gauge interest in putting a team together for this Knoxville club.
  • Fringe Arts Field Day – lots of interest from attendees for this idea. Would take place twice a year in spring and fall, possibly early May for first event. Scavenger hunt suggested as part of event. Pan d’Orable will head up this event.
Branding and Media
  • A new Knox Fringe logo has been created by Keri McClain and is now available for use. The previous logo, created by Rhoda Dairyheir is also available for use.
  • Samantha Brown is working on a press release
  • Pan d’Orable will head up the Knox Fringe Street Team
  • Attendees were encouraged to invite friends to like the Knox Fringe Facebook fan page and submit events for publicity on the page by sending a message to the fan page or emailing Attendees were also given the option to be added to the closed Knox Fringe Arts Facebook group at sign-in.
Events & Groups of Interest
  • Knoxville Theatre Club
    • KTC has built an extensive directory of artists and venues on their site. plans to link to this info in some way.
    • If you know of a company that should be in the directory, submit through the Knoxville Theatre Club website or their Facebook page.
    • Like and share the Knoxville Theatre Club website or their Facebook page.
  • Sideshow Fringe Festival (Nashville)
    • Festival runs July 27-August 6
    • They are currently taking applications. For info, visit
  • Second Bell Festival
    • Previously the Blank Fest Fringe Fest
    • Festival is on August 19, venue TBD
    • Will feature burlesque, poetry slam, and other fringe arts
    • Burlesque acts by audition in mid-April. Contact for auditions. Other acts should contact Zac Fallon. Ideas for podcasts or other festival ideas, contact Zac Fallon.
  • Tickled by Ooh Ooh Revue
    • Every 3rd Thursday beginning March 16 at Cocoa Moon, doors at 8p
    • Raffle prizes from fringe community, to donate contact Moxie Easton
    • For info and to register, contact Moxie Easton
  • Cattywampus Puppet Council
    • Hosting the Appalachian Puppet Pageant as part of the Open Streets Project, Sunday, May 21, 2-6p
    • Siren Santina expressed interest in collaboration on a puppet for the event
    • For info and to register, visit
  • Live Band-backed Burlesque Show
    • This event is in development by Zac Fallon, details forthcoming
  • Salome Cabaret Burlesque Academy
    • 2017 classes begin May 4
    • This year there will be one class per week for 8 weeks
    • For info and to register, visit
  • Secret Showgirl Workshops
    • Presented by Ooh Ooh Revue at Modern Studio
    • Upcoming workshops include working with boas and trick fan techniques
    • For info and to register, visit The Ooh Ooh Revue Facebook page
  • Showgirl Confidential
    • Presented by Ooh Ooh Revue
    • Class series for women and men about characterization, not necessarily burlesque focused
    • For info and to register, visit The Ooh Ooh Revue Facebook page
  • Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival
  • LUXE Weekend
    • 2nd annual women-powered performance art weekend, April 7-8
    • For info and to register, visit
  • Bear It All Casting Call
    • Looking for make performers of the hairy variety (bears, cubs, otters, scruffy, wolves, foxes, etc.) for the fall show
    • For info and to register, visit the Bear It All Facebook page


At the end of the meeting, action and focus items were set for next month, including blog content, the Knox Fringe Open House, and the Community Showcase.

  • Keri McClain will schedule a meetup for people interested in blogging for the website.
  • The Open House is scheduled for March 23, 7:30-9:30 at Modern Studio. Tables for each group will be set up for promotion, with a table rental fee suggested. Contact Pan d’Orable for information on securing tables and performance slots. Performances and refreshments are possible for the event and a table decorating contest was suggested.
  • The Community Showcase is March 18 at The International. To apply for a performance slot, email by Sunday evening. There will be a raffle, with proceeds going to Knox Fringe. The prize will be a Basket Full of Fringe, containing gifts from the fringe community. Send donations to
  • Suggestion to vote to elect a board of directors at the next meeting.

Our next meet-up is hosted by Marble City Performance Company, scheduled for March 30, venue TBD.

Knox Fringe January Meet Up Recap

Siren Santina of Salomé Cabaret hosted this meeting at Urban Bar on January 19, 2017. After a round of introductions from all attendees, the discussion began with a review of existing Knox Fringe resources.

Items of Discussion

A Facebook fan page has been created and there is also a closed Facebook group for members to join, lovingly called KFARTS, short for Knoxville Fringe Arts. Attendees were given the option to join the group at sign-in and were encouraged to invite friends to like the fan page and submit events for publicity on the page by emailing or sending a message to the Knox Fringe Facebook page.

The conversation continued with the review of potential objectives from the original attempt to start the group, circa 2015.

  • Community website,

    • logo & branding
    • events calendar
    • performer/producer/venue directory
    • fringe arts blog
    • casting calls
    • It is important to find a platform that, once built, can be maintained by multiple contributors. Informal poll of currently used platforms included WordPress, Weebly, and Strikingly. Also discussed potential addition of coordinated mobile app.
  • Community workshops & classes
    • Auditioning
    • Hosting/Emceeing
    • Improvisation
    • Intro to Video/Making a Reel
    • Merch/Promo Items
    • Photoshop/Flyer Making
    • Social Media
  • Community Salon/Peer Review/Open Stage
    • Multi-disciplinary open stage and feedback session, potentially using one of The Ooh Ooh Revue’s open nights at Modern Studio to facilitate
  • Open Mirror Event
  • Stitch and Bitch
  • Photo Club
    • Inspired by the Atlanta Photographer’s Guild (APG), a potential open photo shoot or crowd-funded photo shoot open to members of the fringe community
  • Fringe arts presence in local media
    • While each of our individual disciplines may not have enough of a following to warrant a devoted section or segment in local papers or news broadcasts, our combined presence is significant enough to garner attention. How can we leverage our existing contacts and press opportunities to create a bigger spotlight on our community as a whole?
    • Shared press contacts list
  • Fringe Arts Fair/Open House
    • Event suggested where fringe arts organizations and performers would set up tables with business cards, swag, etc. for interested parties to peruse at a First Friday-type event. Event could include sample performances and/or classes.
    • Note: We would like to avoid First Friday scheduling, due to the standing Ooh Ooh Revue performance schedule.
  • Community handbills/Street Team
    • Discussed the potential crowd funding of community calendars/flyers. Alternatively, if an individual Producer/Organization wanted to finance a community calendar, the back side could be used to feature that Producer’s/Organization’s event(s).
    • Also discussed combined resources for distribution of marketing materials, both of the community at large and individual productions.

Action/Focus Items

At the end of the meeting, action and focus items were set for next month. By attendee vote, is top priority for 2017. Potential logo/branding concepts will be posted to the Facebook group and made available for inclusion on show flyers and websites.

Our next meet-up will be hosted by Moxie Easton of The Ooh Ooh Revue, scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 7:30 pm at Modern Studio.