The Weekly Fringe: April 3-9

There is always a bit of fringe happening in our scruffy little city and we want to make it easy for you to find the fringe in your community. Here is a curated list of events happening this week.

LUXE Weekend, April 7-8

The 2nd Annual Women-Powered Performance Art LUXE Weekend highlights women who are living Lush, Unapologetically and Extraordinarily through the mediums of dance, poetry, song and burlesque! In celebration of women living with power, passion, and artistry, this 2-day event has much to offer. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

A-muse-d: Inspired Burlesque Showcase
April 7, 9pm at Cocoa Moon

The Friday night aMUSEd Burlesque Showcase features performances in the historical art form of burlesque. Each performer will dazzle you with a performance dedicated to a woman or women who has inspired them or served as a muse in their life. These fabulous women will leave you inspired to live your own LUXE life!

Workshops for Every Body
April 8, 10am at Broadway Academy of Performing Arts

Saturday morning’s Women-Powered Workshops are open to EVERY BODY! With classes for everything from Ballet for All to Costuming on a Budget, there is something for every LUXE woman. For a complete list of workshops and pricing, visit

LUXE Showcase
April 8, 7pm at Modern Studio

The Saturday night grand event, LUXE 2017: Lush, Unapologetic and Extraordinary!, is full of entertainment and inspiration that positively challenge the norms of society and our minds. A diverse and varied extravaganza of powerful and beautiful women will lead you on a journey towards a more open vision of acceptance, beauty and understanding.

Secret City Cyphers
April 5, 8pm at Open Chord

Secret City Cyphers is Knoxville’s premier Open Mic-style event that allows emcees, poets, singers, musicians, dancers, comedians, visual artists, and others to not only have a place to showcase their talent, but a place to network with other artists, and build their fan base. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the event page.

Open Door Comedy
April 5, 8pm at Scruffy City Hall

Open Door Comedy is the spawn of the Upstairs Underground Comedy Show, a comedy open mic taking place in the heart of Knoxville on the mainstage of Scruffy City Hall in historic downtown Market Square. There is no cover and an amazing selection of drinks on tap! The Open Door Comedy Show is a Scruffy City Comedy production and is hosted by Boston McCown.


Salomé Cabaret Burlesque Revue with Flame Cynders
April 15, 11 pm, Edge Knox

Knox Fringe’s Stitch and Bitch
April 23, 12 pm, Modern Studio

Circle Modern Dance: Layer by Layer
April 27, 7 pm, Modern Studio

Visit the Knox Fringe Event Calendar for more information.

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